US Open Fat Bike Beach Championships 2018

presented by The Blockade Runner


12:00 PM


Saturday, March 17, 2018


Blockade Runner Beach Front, Wrightsville Beach, NC
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FAT 1 Hour Race
REALLY FAT 1.5 Hour Race
SUPER FAT 2 Hour race


Wednesday, March 14, 2018  12:00 PM


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 US Open Fat Bike Beach Championships




05/24/2017 - We have changed the format from number of laps to a specific time for each category.

The athlete who completes the most number of laps and has the lowest total time for that number of laps will be awarded the win.

  • Joe does 24 laps and has a total time of 2hrs 1min and 3 secs. Joe is awarded 1st.
  • Paul does 24 laps and has a total time of 2hrs 1min and 45 secs. Paul is awarded 2nd.
  • Chris does 23 laps and has a total time of 2hrs 3min and 45 secs. Chris is awarded 3rd.

The same applies for each category. 

05/21/2017 - Registration is open for the 2018 US Open Beach Fat Cross Beach Championships


The US Open Fat Cross Beach Championships is a race like none other in the USA.  Being held on an all sand course along the pristine shores of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina this course will prove both challenging for competitors and fun to watch for families and fans.  With the recent and fast rising popularity of Fat Bikes, bikes with tires wider than 4″, riding a bicycle in the thick sand has become easier than ever.  Combine Fat Bikes with an ever changing beach and the competitive spirits of a bunch of athletes and bicycle riders and we couldn’t help but hold another race.
The course will start in front of the host resort and presenting sponsor, The Blockade Runner Beach Resort, and traverse whatever mother nature has sculpted for us.  Laying out the course with several elements in mind, tight turns, fast sections at low tide, crossing deep truck tracks, climbing up and rolling down naturally occurring berms from long shore erosion, with of course the safety of spectators, the course will be a multi-lap event that keeps racers in sight of the spectators the whole time.  By keeping the racers tight the event will encourage spectators to line the course and heckle their favorite racer or cheer for their family member.
The start of the event will be a standing start with the SUPER FAT racers starting first, the REALLY FAT racers next, then the FAT racers following. 
  • The SUPER FAT and SUPER FAT RELAY category will have a time limit of 2 hours minutes and is expected to cover a distance of 24+ miles *. 
  • The REALLYFAT category will have a time limit of 1.5 hours and is expected to cover a distance of 18+ miles *. 
  • The FAT category will have a time limit of 1 hour minutes and is expected to cover a distance of 12+ miles *. 

     * Sand and wind conditions may make this estimate longer or shorter.

The course will be marked with tape and flagging so that all turns are visible and to keep spectators from wandering into racers.  The course will not be closed to spectators but volunteers and signage will help to ensure that bystanders know of the racers presence.  As mother nature often does in the winter time, She is expected to shift the sand again for the 2018 edition of the race.  The long shore currents can build up rollers along the immediate waters edge as well as cutting a ledge that is close to 3 feet in sections.  Some years this ledge has been up to 10 feet which would make for some serious climbing.  The age groups are as follows (M & F), 15 & under, 16-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+ with awards going to top 3 in each group, Female and Male. 

The REALLY FAT RELAY category will be open to team of up to 4 racers on teach team. The categories will be Female Team, Mixed Team, Male Team with awards going to top team in each category. The riders will be racing the 1.5 Hour event and can switch off each lap or do multiple laps before handing their timing chip off to their team mate.  There will be a team pit/staging area along the course where team members can await the arrival of their member prior to handing off the chip.  Teams are encouraged to wear matching jerseys/clothing so that they can keep track of each other and their competition. The teams can use one bike for the whole race or a bike per racer.  A time bonus and special award will be given to any team which chooses to use the same bike for everyone. Corporate teams are encouraged!!

FREE SKID CONTEST AND KIDS HARDPACK RACE. Registration is on the day in the NightHawk Room.

Fans are encouraged to bring MORE cowbells and whistles to jeer and cheer for their favorite racers.

The entry fee for this years event is $65.

*A portion of the proceeds of your entry fee also go to support the Wrightsville Beach Foundation.

For Fat Bike riders tire pressure is key for racing on sand.  Tests have been done with multiple tire pressures and the best, most efficient pressure for a 26X4.6″ tire is right about 8 psi.  This low pressure seems to allow the rider to float over the thicker sugar sand while giving enough pressure to allow for speeds over 20mph along the hard packed sand.  This course is designed to test the fitness of racers while allowing fat bikers new to sand riding enough practice time the Friday before the event that they will feel confident to test their mettle and their machine.  The maintenance required on a Fat Bike post beach ride is as simple as a good rinse.  It is advisable to rinse with fresh water and lightly lube your chain.  You will use your gears on the beach!  If the wind is blowing as it often does it is equivalent to climbing up a mountain.  However, when you have a tail wind…. you will be a big ring king. 

Go to for even more information!

Affiliated Charities

This event benefits Wrightsville Beach Foundation.

The Wrightsville Beach Foundation is a non profit organization whose mission is a commitment to develop and promote a venue that will have the ability to generate funds that can be used to promote, improve and enhance the quality and enjoyment of our islands, parks and recreation programs and amenities.


Lodging Information

Our fantastic host, Blockade Runner Beach Resort is offering a special rate for registered US Open racers! 

Click here to take advantage of this offer.


Refund are not available for this event.


Withdrawals are no longer available for this event.


This event does not provide transfers.


This event does not allow deferrals.

Overall Results



Race Weekend Agenda

Below is the 2018 Race Weekend Agenda. Use this as a guide to the weekend. We will update closer to the event as we firm up the details.

Friday, March 16th, 2018

5:45-6:45pm Race Packet Pick up, Blockade Runner Resort, Nighthawk Room
7:00-8:00pm Social, equipment discussion, pre-race raffle.

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

High Tide : 5:38am

Low Tide :11:51am

High Tide 6:07pm

5:00-11:00 AM Course Construction
10:00-11:00 AM Race Packet Pick up, Blockade Runner Resort, Nighthawk Room
11:00-11:30 AM Kids race on hard sand (two modified laps, 12yrs and under) Free race day registration in Nighthawk Room.
11:30-11:45 AM Skid Contest
11:45 AM Course sections open up for pre-ride as available.
12:00 PM Race Start 2 HourSuper Fat Category
12:30 PM Race Start 1.5 Hour Really Fat Category
1:00 PM Race Start 1 Hour Fat Category
2:00 PM Race Ends
2:10 PM Course clean up and beach reconditioning
2:45-3:45PM Awards, Blockade Runner Resort Lawn
6:00 PM onwards Red Bull After Party Watermans Brewery

Sunday, March 18th, 2018


   Group ride Wrightsville Beach from Blockade Runner to North End and back.


2018 Results

Fat (1 HR) Results

Really Fat (1.5 HR) Results

Super Fat (2 HR) Results