Egg Stravaganza 5K


Overall Men

Bur-Mil Park - Greensboro, NC 4/07/2012 10:00AM

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Place Bib S Cat. Age Name City/State Time Pace DQ
1125M 33Anthony NeroSpencer NC00:18:0000:05:48 
225M 43Cary GentrySummerfield NC00:19:5500:06:25 
337M 20Michael KleinGreensboro NC00:19:5800:06:26 
470M 27Justin SurberWinston Salem NC00:20:2300:06:34 
580M 26Kyle HackettGreensboro NC00:20:5600:06:45 
689M 41Brad HerndonGreensboro NC00:21:1700:06:51 
724M 39Markus GebelHigh Point NC00:21:1800:06:52 
835M 29John KiddNewport VA00:22:0600:07:07 
990M 11Craig HerndonGreensboro NC00:22:1700:07:11 
10117M 47Jim MullinsGreensboro NC00:23:1400:07:29 
1157M 24Neil RippeyKernersville NC00:24:1400:07:48 
125M 27Patrick BeggsPortland ME00:24:3400:07:55 
1358M 37Adam SappReidsville NC00:25:1200:08:07 
1466M 27David StaleyHillsborough NC00:25:2300:08:10 
1581M 12Tristan EricksonGreensboro NC00:25:3500:08:14 
1665M 25Stuart SmithGreensboro NC00:25:4000:08:16 
17102M 34Mark MedendorpGreensboro NC00:25:4200:08:17 
187M 11Will BookerReidsville NC00:26:1200:08:26 
1929M 42Will HarrissGreensboro NC00:26:1300:08:27 
2076M 10Tyler LloydHigh Point NC00:26:4100:08:36 
2119M 50Tom EvansJamestown NC00:27:5300:08:59 
22113M 26Cole DavisWinston Salem NC00:28:0200:09:02 
2372M 34Chad SilverGreensboro NC00:29:0500:09:22 
24116M 12John LehouillierGreensboro NC00:29:2400:09:28 
2567M 12Andrew StramerBaltimore MD00:29:2500:09:28 
26115M 47Paul LehouillierGreensboro NC00:29:2900:09:30 
2786M 48Borve CarpenGreensboro NC00:29:3100:09:30 
2823M 25Corey FulkKing NC00:30:2100:09:46 
29101M 37Tim PicciniGreensboro NC00:30:2300:09:47 
30100M 63Phil PicciniChesapeake VA00:30:2400:09:47 
3188M 31Travis WrightWinston Salem NC00:30:3600:09:51 
328M 69Howard BowkerNew Castle DE00:31:1000:10:02 
3332M 56Darryl HollidayStoneville NC00:31:2400:10:07 
3475M 46Mike LloydHigh Point NC00:31:2600:10:07 
3542M 49Tim LylesHigh Point NC00:31:2900:10:08 
3653M 38Wilfred NixonBurgaw NC00:32:3700:10:30 
37105M 60Ken MedendorpGreensboro NC00:33:2000:10:44 
3830M 11William HarrissGreensboro NC00:33:2100:10:44 
3915M 31Adam DealMcLeansville NC00:33:2400:10:45 
40119M 12Griffin JamesGreensboro NC00:33:2900:10:47 
41118M 52Bryan JamesGreensboro NC00:33:3200:10:48 
4239M 27Jeff LoveGreensboro NC00:33:5400:10:55 
4362M 15Tyler SimoneauxMars Hill NC00:40:0100:12:53 
44110M 8Kamden GurneyBurlington NC00:42:0800:13:34 
45109M 41Kurt GurneyBurlington NC00:42:1100:13:35 
4669M 13Will StramerBaltimore MD00:45:4800:14:45 
4779M 55Joseph E Warner IIIGreensboro NC00:52:3300:16:55 

** Results are for the private use of participants and are the Intellectual Property of Set Up Events. Unauthorized use of these results is prohibited.