Kings Mountain Gateway Trail 5K


Overall Results

Kings Mountain, NC 4/28/2012 08:00AM

** Results are for the private use of participants and are the Intellectual Property of Set Up Events. Unauthorized use of these results is prohibited.

Place Bib Sex Age Co NAME CITY/STATE Rank Gun Tim DQ
1235M23 Brad McKeeKings Mountain NC100:19:37 
2228M51 Gene SummeyShelby NC200:22:16 
3241M43 Stephen LineberryGastonia NC300:22:30 
4232M15 Devin AyscueKings Mountian NC400:23:36 
5237M37 Katey BouttryKings Mountain NC500:23:57 
6225M36 Brian BurrisAtlanta GA600:24:15 
7238M26 Curtis MorrisonShelby NC700:24:36 
896M45 Jeff BarnetteGastonia NC800:25:24 
9236M55 Harry James GregoryShelby NC900:25:45 
10192M37 Jerry HoffmanHickory NC1000:26:35 
11205M46 Dean MillerKings Mtn NC1100:26:47 
12190M39 Michael HershmanClover SC1200:27:26 
13212M66 Jim OwensKings Mtn NC1300:27:53 
1497F12 Gretchen BoylesKings Mountain NC1400:28:01 
15185F27 Jennifer FisherBessemer City NC1500:28:31 
16221F28 Erin TuckerGaffney SC1600:29:03 
17227M33 Michael YorkClover SC1700:29:32 
1898F30 Angela BradleyKings Mountain NC1800:30:00 
19234M49 Chris EasonGastonia NC1900:31:18 
20189M59 Stephen HelmsClover SC2000:31:22 
21202F37 Tracy MashburnHickory NC2100:31:34 
22210F26 Meagan NoellKings Mountain NC2200:31:57 
23197M42 Chuck KirbyKings Mtn NC2300:31:59 
24100M63 Jd BurrisKings Mtn NC2400:32:08 
25231M66 Bob HendersonGrover NC2500:32:39 
26203M35 Andrew MashburnHickory NC2600:34:42 
2795M31 Rusty AlbrechtKings Mtn NC2700:34:44 
28220F29 Rebecca StrycharzGaffney SC2800:35:13 
29147F33 Bree DumontShelby NC2900:35:46 
30216F46 Susan SimpsonKings Mountain NC3000:36:08 
31195F45 Leisa JonesHarris NC3100:38:42 
32187F50 Cynthia FreemanShelby NC3200:40:05 
33214F26 Allison PlattRock Hill SC3300:41:10 
34193M57 Scott HoppesKings Mountain NC3400:41:11 
35125F72 Phyllis CampbellKings Mtn NC3500:42:47 
36184F53 Linda FergusonShelby NC3600:43:35 
37217M60 Jim SoteloKings Mtn NC3700:44:27 
38233M50 Ron FranceGastonia NC3800:46:38 
39188F53 Thelma HelmsClover SC3900:46:41 
40191F30 Carrieanne HershmanClover SC4000:46:42 
41207M6 Reece MobleyKings Mtn NC4100:47:18 
42206F9 Soleil MobleyKings Mtn NC4200:47:19 
43208M35 Brian MobleyKings Mtn NC4300:47:25 
44211M46 David OliverKings Mtn NC4400:47:31 
45209F64 Jean MooreKings Mtn NC4500:47:58 
46215F66 Linda RomeKings Mtn NC4600:47:59 
47199M40 Roger LeeHickory NC4700:48:43 
48200M7 Alexander LeeHickory NC4800:48:44 
49222F47 Rachel WhitakerCherryville NC4900:48:52 
50219F19 Macy StinchcombFallston NC5000:49:05 
51218F58 Mary StewartClover SC5100:49:30 
52223F14 Laura WhitakerCherryville NC5200:52:18 
53224M79 Gene WhiteKings Mtn NC5300:52:30 
54198F39 Victoria LeeHickory NC5400:53:48 
55201M3 Jackson LeeHickory NC5500:53:49 
56196F12 Jessica KirbyKings Mtn NC5600:55:30 
57213F13 Cassie PaysourLincolnton NC5700:55:32 

** Results are for the private use of participants and are the Intellectual Property of Set Up Events. Unauthorized use of these results is prohibited.