June Bug Jam 5K


Overall Results

Shelby, NC 6/02/2012 08:30AM

** Results are for the private use of participants and are the Intellectual Property of Set Up Events. Unauthorized use of these results is prohibited.

Place Bib Sex Age Co NAME CITY/STATE Rank TagTime
1725M17 Quentin VanderbergConcord NC100:18:39
2703M37 Robert LanceShelby NC200:20:50
3706M29 Daniel RobertsCasar NC300:21:02
4589M9 Gunner HogstonBoiling Springs NC400:21:16
5588M47 Geoffrey HillShelby NC500:21:17
6692M36 Scott WrightShelby NC600:21:28
7696M39 Stephen WaldrepShelby NC700:21:30
8623M39 Brett NiblackShelby NC800:21:57
9700M30 Joe Brook JrDallas NC900:22:13
10584F32 Felicia HamrickShelby NC1000:22:21
11597M44 Timothy JohnsonShelby NC1100:23:38
12560M13 Bill BentonCherryville NC1200:23:43
13642M8 Miller PlasterShelby NC1300:23:52
14629M47 Albert NovakShelby NC1400:23:58
15714M34 Jeremy MeyerShelby NC1500:24:04
16711M55 Harry GregoryShelby NC1600:24:13
17701M54 Joe Brook SrDallas NC1700:24:16
18583M32 Jackie GoldenGaffney NC1800:24:20
19622F15 Megan MorrisonShelby NC1900:24:26
20598M61 Dave JohnsonShelby NC2000:24:42
21690M43 Kenny HollandShelby NC2100:24:45
22670M29 Chris TurnerShelby NC2200:24:47
23681M13 Jay WilsonShelby NC2300:24:48
24618F37 Pamela McCurryShelby NC2400:24:52
25695F40 Tessa WaldrepShelby NC2500:24:54
26574F28 Erin DavisShelby NC2600:24:57
27698M11 Chandler BrooksShelby NC2700:25:02
28689F55 Becky StrahlerShelby SC2800:25:03
29724F13 Alex VandenbergConcord NC2900:25:08
30697M14 Ben WaldrepShelby NC3000:25:12
31727M12 Thomas ManningShelby NC3100:25:22
32631M50 Joseph OmlorShelby NC3200:25:22
33596F37 Selina JohnsonShelby NC3300:25:56
34641M41 William PlasterShelby NC3400:26:01
35614M33 Matthew MartinShelby NC3500:26:04
36699F41 Ellen BenfieldShelby NC3600:26:18
37599F43 Susan JonesShelby NC3700:26:22
38691F37 Brandee WrightShelby NC3800:26:25
39612M46 Pat LittonShelby NC3900:26:30
40683F47 Lori WilsonShelby NC4000:26:39
41687M33 Michael YorkClover SC4100:26:41
42585F33 Jessica HamrickShelby NC4200:26:43
43719F17 Ann MeekinsShelby NC4300:26:45
44581F39 Angela FriedmanShelby NC4400:27:18
45558M9 Jackson AreyShelby NC4500:27:22
46603M49 Chuck LampleyShelby NC4600:27:24
47646M59 Bruce PutnamShelby NC4700:27:32
48587F48 Angela HillShelby NC4800:27:34
49647M27 Phillip QueenShelby NC4900:27:35
50621F51 Teralea MooreShelby NC5000:27:37
51636F27 Stephanie PadillaDallas NC5100:27:40
52635M37 Joe PadillaDallas NC5200:27:40
53630F44 Gudrun NovakCherryville NC5300:27:49
54563M9 William BerkowitzShelby NC5400:27:49
55721F49 Mary AndersonKings Mountain NC5500:27:54
56569F44 Angie CannonShelby NC5600:28:00
57554F36 Krista AllenShelby NC5700:28:01
58705M66 James SanfordShelby NC5800:28:03
59608F32 Leah LedfordShelby NC5900:28:19
60607F18 Nicole LaplanteKings Mountain NC6000:28:45
61609M36 Nathaniel LedfordShelby NC6100:29:08
62595F49 Deborah JenkinsKings Mountain NC6200:29:21
63606M35 Anthony LanierGaffney SC6300:29:26
64702F27 Meredith TeagueShelby NC6400:29:31
65604F12 Sarah LampleyShelby NC6500:29:31
66626F12 Taylor NiblackShelby NC6600:29:38
67625M10 Alex NiblackShelby NC6700:30:16
68553M40 Jason AllenShelby NC6800:30:25
69559F50 Liz ArthurGrover NC6900:30:31
70715F49 Marsha PearsonCherryville NC7000:30:32
71562M7 Jack BerkowitzShelby NC7100:30:33
72709F50 Shelley BrownLincolnton NC7200:31:04
73669M41 Marty ThomasShelby NC7300:31:08
74668F14 Maggie ThomasShelby NC7400:31:10
75720F49 Loann MeekinsShelby NC7500:31:22
76570M43 Danny CarteeKings Mtn NC7600:31:23
77578F50 Kim FortenberryCasar NC7700:31:24
78693M9 Hugh LovingoodShelby NC7800:31:42
79722M27 Brian GymburchShelby NY7900:31:44
80651M59 Robby ReynoldsShelby NC8000:31:44
81653F32 Marisa RogersShelby NC8100:32:07
82561F42 Danielle BerkowitzShelby NC8200:32:07
83680F37 Tonya WhiteShelby NC8300:32:11
84556F60 Candy AreyShelby NC8400:32:12
85579F47 Anna FosterShelby NC8500:32:33
86643F25 Quinn PletcherShelby NC8600:32:49
87617M62 Paul McCluneyShelby NC8700:32:53
88671F11 Anna UrashShelby NC8800:32:59
89566F36 Carmen BlantonShelby NC8900:33:05
90660M60 Rick ShullShelby NC9000:33:07
91659F25 Logan ShullShelby NC9100:33:09
92639M49 George PattersonKings Mountian NC9200:33:13
93571F43 Rhonda CarteeKings Mtn NC9300:33:14
94611F22 Jenny LinebergerKings Mountain NC9400:33:15
95665F29 Amelia Starnes-BumgarnerShelby NC9500:33:18
96600F47 Lynda LachanceShelby NC9600:33:57
97710F51 Karen SheppardLincolnton NC9700:34:02
98632F8 Sally OzmoreKings Mountain NC9800:34:09
99633M45 David OzmoreKings Mountain NC9900:34:10
100654F26 Rachel RohmShelby NC10000:34:14
101657F34 Heather SelfShelby NC10100:34:15
102713F34 Mandy PruaShelby NC10200:34:19
103637F27 April ParkerBessemer City NC10300:34:36
104676M66 Ben WaldrepShelby NC10400:34:53
105565F43 Connie BlackwellShelby NC10500:34:54
106586F32 Jennipher HarrillShelby NC10600:35:18
107610F26 Wesley LegrandShelby NC10700:35:21
108661F46 Susan SimpsonKings Mountain NC10800:35:24
109679F33 Wren WestbrookShelby NC10900:35:27
110655F40 Patricia SchmoutzShelby NC11000:35:29
111644F36 Haley PondShelby NC11100:36:15
112674F7 Riley UrashShelby NC11200:36:18
113601F23 Brittany LailShelby NC11300:36:19
114602M28 Eric LailBoiling Springs NC11400:36:20
115645M37 Jason PondShelby NC11500:36:39
116716M36 Chad HumphriesShelby NC11600:36:50
117718M8 Colby HumphriesShelby NC11700:36:55
118708F45 Beth LariShelby NC11800:37:16
119723F50 Cynthia FreemanShelby NC11900:37:19
120712F12 Marlee HerringShleby NC12000:37:29
121568M52 Michael CanipeCrouse NC12100:37:49
122649F33 Andrea ReavisShelby NC12200:37:52
123552F33 Becky AllenShelby NC12300:38:09
124592F12 Kaitlin HowellShelby NC12400:38:10
125591M12 Nicholas HovisMooresboro NC12500:38:23
126590M38 Jason HovisMooresboro NC12600:38:23
127673F40 Nichole UrashShelby NC12700:38:34
128677F60 Connie WaldrepShelby NC12800:38:44
129685M9 Caleb WoodardShelby NC12900:38:58
130658F23 Michelle ShookShelby NC13000:39:35
131663F55 Sherry SmithShelby NC13100:40:11
132577F55 Karen ElliottShelby NC13200:40:15
133648F42 Nancy RackleyShelby NC13300:40:20
134551F20 Paige AbsherShelby NC13400:41:04
135728F24 Annie HollandShelby NC13500:41:06
136717F36 Nicole HumphriesShelby NC13600:41:23
137624F39 Jennifer NiblackShelby NC13700:41:37
138619F47 Amy McLaughlinRutherfordton NC13800:42:15
139620M47 Scott McLaughlinRutherfordton NC13900:42:16
140726M8 Hunter WhisnantShelby NC14000:43:12
141576F35 Jennifer DedmondClover NC14100:43:18
142662F32 Missy SmithShelby NC14200:43:18
143613F31 Sandy LowranceKings Mtn NC14300:43:55
144664M61 James SoteloKings Mountain NC14400:44:52
145704M10 Steven LanceShelby NC14500:44:55
146652M46 Michael RibadeneyraShelby NC14600:46:16
147557F26 Lacey AreyShelby NC14700:46:29
148616F23 Kinsley MashburnKings Mt. NC14800:49:00
149594F32 Lacey IngleShelby NC14900:49:01
150667F25 Kelsey TaylorShelby NC15000:49:02
151650F61 Janet ReynoldsShelby NC15100:49:30
152707F53 Anita HookerCherryville NC15200:49:33
153638F23 Holly ParkerShelby NC15300:55:40
154640F48 Patricia PetrozziShelby NC15400:55:41
155605F14 Sydney LampleyShelby NC15500:58:07
156682F14 Laura WilsonShelby NC15600:58:09
157575F60 Caroline DedmonShelby NC15700:58:55
158684M11 James WoodardShelby NC15800:59:25
159686M7 Tyler WoodardShelby NC15900:59:26

** Results are for the private use of participants and are the Intellectual Property of Set Up Events. Unauthorized use of these results is prohibited.